Welcome to Wonderland, where every day is filled with love, laughter and learning

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Wonderland offers top quality care to babies from 3 months to children turning 5 (or Grade 00). Please read more about our groupings and classes. We have well qualified and experienced teachers and full time Assistants in each class.

Our teachers are in constant communication with parents and each have a school phone to whatsapp you photos of your children.

Parents can choose if they would prefer for photos not to be taken


Our educational program runs until lunchtime after which some children go home, but we cater for working parents and are a full day school.

Aftercare is a happy and active affair where the children spend the afternoon outside (weather permitting), playing, laughing and having fun with their friends. Moms are often not sure whether to feel happy or hurt when they arrive to collect their child and hear “I don’t want to go home yet!”.

Holiday Care

We understand that parents need to work but that sometimes the kiddies also need a change in routine and a break. Our holiday program offers just that…. fun activities and entertainment for the children and stress free peace of mind for the parents.

Our holiday program is so much fun that even the children who can stay at home want to come to school! We have something different planned for every day from making our own pizzas for lunch to touching interesting creepy crawlies to PJ days. There is no additional charge for holiday care.

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