our staff

Meet our wonderful Wonderland employees.

  • We have an assistant in each class to assist the teacher.
  • Our baby class has a ratio of 4:1 and our toddlers 6:1.
  • We have a dedicated aftercare teacher who comes in to manage and oversee the afternoons.
  • Our assisting staff are all first aid trained and have ongoing in house training.
  • Our teachers are all qualified and do ongoing training and skills development all through the year.
  • Professional consultants: Should a child need a little extra help we have a team of professionals that we work with. Some come to see the children at the school in our therapy room and others have consulting rooms nearby.  These include: Two Occupational therapists, a Play therapist, a speech therapist and Audiologist and an Optometrist.

Mandy Vorwerg

Owner and Manager

Caren Von Doetinchen de Rande

Our Office Manager who helps keep things running smoothly and deals with phone calls, emails, invoicing, accounts and general office admin.

Ivy Hall

Our aftercare teacher and supervisor who takes care of our children and school in the afternoons.

Our Teaching Staff

Jo Krug (Baby Class) • Vanessa Donaldson (Squirrel Class) • Joanie Barnard (Takbok Klas) • Principal Peggy Roux (Hedgehog Class) • Megan Boucher (Fox Class)

assistant teachers

Patience • Sindi • Lysbeth and Reginah  (Baby Class) • Landie (Squirrel Class) • Mercy (Hedgehog Class) • Roslyn (Fox Class)

Our assisting staff

Mommoabi is our cook. Tsidi and Eunice are our cleaners. Canan (missing from photo) is our resident gardener and handyman. 
Maxwell is responsible for pavement security and general assistance.
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