Education and Care

Wonderland provides the best quality education and care available to children and babies of all ages

Baby & Toddler Centre


These are our youngest babies. We keep the group small so that we can keep to each baby’s individual schedule. The babies are held and hugged and gently encouraged during the day.

Young babies spend time in the baby gym, on the cushion and of course doing ‘tummy time’. Activities and toys for older babies are varied and they are encouraged to move, sit and crawl.

The babies have their own little playground so that they can spend time outside in the fresh air. The classroom has a happy, relaxed atmosphere and is filled with music and laughter.

The teacher managing the class has a gentle, motherly nature to the babies in her care (and sometimes to the Mommies too!). Our babies are cared for by a team of trained assistants; their commitment to the little ones can be seen in their caring smiles and positive attitude toward the babies.


These little explorers are the older babies who are walking and eager to see the world, but are still wobbly on their feet and still need a lot of guidance and assistance.


This group of toddlers can be described in one word: busy! The toddler years are a time of rapid growth and development for a child, there is just so much to explore and do.

Every child develops differently and every child communicates and learns at his or her own pace, so there are a lot of learning activities on offer in this class for children to take advantage of as and when they become ready.

Even though these little people have a limited ability to express themselves they can understand a great deal. Learning takes place by doing, not by being told what to do, so activities for the children in this class are active and require physical movement and participation.


Classes and programs are individually designed for children of different ages and aimed at different stages of learning.

Hedgehog Class

All children in the Hedgehog Class will turn 3 during the year. These two to three year olds are learning to be independent. They are encouraged to do as much as possible for themselves, all within an encouraging and secure environment which promotes confidence. They are emotional and can go from being happy to mad to sad and back to laughing again in a matter of minutes.

Activities for these children are aimed at acquiring life skills to lay the foundations to create emotionally balanced, independent and confident children who are eager to explore, to be adventurous and to learn.

Squirrel Class

This is the three almost four year old group. Three-year-olds are eager to please and eager to learn. They love to explore words and language. They enjoy music and songs that can be accompanied by whole-body rhythmic movements.

They love fantasy and stories and start expressing their sense of humour. They spend more time observing the world around them and paying attention to others. Socialising, making friends and playing with other children becomes more important.

Children this age perfect their motor skills by spending time playing, climbing the jungle gym or going down the same slide again and again. The Hedgehog class have a busy day with planned learning opportunities and activities that maximise learning and development but still taking into account that they are young and need nurturing and guidance.

Takbok Class

This is our Afrikaans class for children turning four and five. Children in this class begin to improve on old skills while developing new ones and all done in  their home language of Afrikaans. They are able to play and socialize in English and are thus getting the opportunity to make the most of learning in both languages.

Fox Class

Our Fox Class is made up of children turning 5 during the year. We live in an age where children grow up too fast and don’t play enough and we promote learning through play which is what nursery school is all about. These little learners are well equipped to start their adventures at ‘Big School’ when they graduate from the class

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