Love. Laughter. Learning.

Welcome to Wonderland, where every day is one of love, laughter and learning.

Wonderland is a hands on, owner managed nursery school and baby centre. At our school your child is not just a name on a list but a part of our Wonderland family.

We offer small classes with excellent staff to child ratios, well cared for facilities, exceptional staff and a top quality educational program with a CAPS aligned curriculum.

Wonderland offers a warm, nurturing and stimulating environment aimed at developing children who are confident and happy. We focus on the child’s emotional, physical, social and intellectual development.

Wonderland offers an all inclusive, highly competitive monthly fee. We ask for nothing extra but we offer so much more than expected.

Our fees include a freshly prepared, nutritious and delicious cooked lunch and breakfast as well as 3 tasty snacks daily.

What makes us the right choice

A home away from home

Balanced, gentle environment

We offer a balanced, gentle environment, a real “home away from home”. We have proudly been nurturing and educating children since 1973.

We partner with you in parenting

As parents ourselves we know how hectic life can be, therefore we strive to offer a hassle free parenting experience. We make very few demands on our parents’ time and always consider your busy schedule in our planning. We partner with you in parenting your children and do our best to make it easier for you.

All families are welcome

We celebrate our nations cultural differences. All families are welcome. We have many parents who will happily attest to this.

Play based learning and activities

Our children are confident, happy and well rounded. They are well prepared for ‘big school’ through carefully planned play based learning and activities.

Dedicated teachers and staff

Experienced, qualified and dedicated teachers and staff. Our staff are an amazing team of passionate and loving ladies.

Awesome holiday program

We are open throughout the year. We offer an awesome holiday program with lots of fun and excitement every day which is included in your monthly school fees.

We meet your individual needs

We can meet your needs and offer flexibility where required. Full day, half day and part time options. We cater to stay at home moms and parents working long hours.

Our Classes & Programmes

Our curriculum is designed for different ages and developmental phases, so as to meet the needs of the child at every new, exciting stage of learning and discovery.

Baby & Toddler Centre

Our baby centre is a special and happy place, filled with warmth, love and nurturing and, according to our Wonderland parents, the best baby centre in town.

Nursery School

Classes start with children who will turn 3 during the year, and continue until our pupils graduate. Classes and programs are individually designed for children of different ages.

Holidays & Aftercare

Our educational program runs until lunchtime after which some children go home, but we cater for working parents too and many of our children happily spend the afternoon with us.


Our Wonderland parents and pupils are the best advertisement we could hope for.