Baby & Toddler Centre

Our baby centre is a special and happy place, filled with warmth, love and nurturing and, according to our Wonderland parents, the best baby centre in town.

We’ve been caring for precious little ones for over 40 years. From tiny babies to two-year olds. Our experienced staff will make sure that your baby is happy, healthy and receiving the best possible care.


These are our youngest babies. We keep the group small so that we can keep to each baby’s individual schedule. The babies are held and hugged and gently encouraged during the day.

Young babies spend time in the baby gym, on the cushion and of course doing ‘tummy time’. Activities and toys for older babies are varied and they are encouraged to move, sit and crawl.

The babies have their own little playground so that they can spend time outside in the fresh air. The classroom has a happy, relaxed atmosphere and is filled with music and laughter.

Our babies are cared for by a qualified teacher and Occupational therapist and a team of trained assistants; their commitment to the little ones can be seen in their caring smiles and positive attitudes.


These little explorers are the older babies who are walking and eager to see the world but are still wobbly on their feet and still need a lot of guidance and assistance.

With their patient and kind manner, and their happy laughter, our dedicated team consistently reassure and encourage the little ones in their care to have the confidence to explore the exciting world around them.


This group of toddlers can be described in one word: busy! The toddler years are a time of rapid growth and development for a child, there is just so much to explore and do.

Every child develops differently, and every child communicates and learns at his or her own pace, so there are a lot of learning activities on offer in this class for children to take advantage of as and when they are ready.

Even though these little people have a limited ability to express themselves they can understand a great deal. Learning takes place by doing, not by being told what to do, so activities for the children in this class are active and require physical movement and participation.