Nursery School Classes

Classes and programs are individually designed for children of different ages and are aimed at different stages of learning.

Classes start with children who will turn 3 during the year, and continue until our pupils graduate. Classes and programs are individually designed for children of different ages and aimed at different stages of learning.

Hedgehog Class

All children in the Hedgehog Class will turn 3 during the year.

These two to three year olds are learning to be independent. They are encouraged to do as much as possible for themselves, all within an encouraging and secure environment which promotes confidence. They are emotional and can go from being happy to mad to sad and back to laughing again in a matter of minutes.

Activities for these children are aimed at acquiring life skills to lay the foundations to create emotionally balanced, independent and confident children who are eager to explore, to be adventurous and to learn.

Squirrel Class

This is the three almost four year old group.

They are eager to please and eager to learn. They love to explore words and language. They enjoy music and songs that can be accompanied by whole-body rhythmic movements.

They love fantasy and stories and start expressing their sense of humour. They spend more time observing the world around them and paying attention to others. Socialising, making friends and playing with other children becomes more important.

Children this age perfect their motor skills by spending time playing, climbing the jungle gym or going down the same slide again and again. The Squirrel class have a busy day with planned learning opportunities and activities that maximise learning and development but still taking into account that they are young and need nurturing and guidance.

Bear Class

This is our class for children turning five.

Children in this class begin to improve on old skills while developing new ones. We live in an age where children grow up too fast and don’t play enough and we promote learning through play which is what nursery school is all about..

These little learners are well equipped to start their adventures at ‘Big School’ when they graduate from the class. The Graduation ceremony at the end of the year is the highlight of the year for this group.

They are very proud of the tile they each decorate for the wall in the office as their legacy for us to always remember them by.