What we offer

Wonderland offers a warm, nurturing and stimulating environment. Our curriculum provides a stable and solid foundation and our children are well-balanced and well-prepared for formal schooling and for life.


We believe that play is a child’s work and thus constructive play forms the cornerstone of our program


As children develop, they integrate and assimilate their play experiences to become part of who they are and how they approach life and see the world. A balanced child who is confident and independent will have all the tools needed to face the learning opportunities and challenges put before him. We believe that a balanced child who is confident and independent with good self-esteem is more likely to excel in a learning environment and in life. We value the uniqueness of each individual child. Our school develops inquiring minds and a love of school and learning. Children are taught to develop good life skills including empathy and emotional intelligence.

We promote a Christian ethos with good values, morals and principles and a message of loving and caring. We are involved in charity initiatives each year to teach our children about caring for others. Children are taught to respect each other and accept our differences.


We boast two large, shaded playgrounds with beautiful gardens. Our playground equipment is specially chosen to meet developmental needs of children of all ages and as children outgrow one piece of equipment they will discover more to challenge and delight them. We want our children to play! Slide! Run! Ride! Explore! It’s all essential for muscle development, coordination and social development.


Wonderland was established in 1973. Our wonderful employees, past and present, have been instrumental in establishing Wonderland as a sought-after school and trusted baby centre. Our staff’s dedication is best illustrated by our low staff turnover.  Our school principal, Peggy, has been at Wonderland for 25 years.

We provide a stimulating but secure and relaxed atmosphere, in which a child can develop. We offer a caring, nurturing and happy place that feels like a second home.

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